New York Regents Constitutional Duty Regarding Civic Education 4.33/5 (6)

Pictured above is the 2017 New York Board of Regents.  Each Regent above has a constitutionally duty to uphold New York State Education Law.

According to EXISTING  New York State Education Law Article 17 § (section) 801

Courses of instruction in patriotism and citizenship and in certain historic documents       …       the provisions of the constitution of the United States, the amendments thereto, the declaration of independence, the constitution of the state of New York and the amendments thereto  …   in all the schools of the state.     …       all pupils in such schools in grades or classes corresponding to the instruction in the eighth and higher grades of the public schools  shall attend upon such courses.  

EXISTING NEW YORK LAW requires it (see above), but does the New York Board of Regents assess ALL PUPILS in high school in New York State regarding patriotism and citizenship topics?

For the complete text, read New York State Education Law Article 17 section 801 by clicking EDN at the following link:

A New York Civics Exam or Project covering patriotism and citizenship, should be required for high school graduation ________.

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Tom Sipos / WKIP Hudson Valley Focus Live Discusses New York State Constitutional Convention Vote w/ Ron Montesano 4.75/5 (4)

Tom Sipos of Hudson Valley Focus Live WKIP 1450AM, discusses the New York State Constitutional Convention Vote w/ Ron Montesano on January 27, 2017.

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