New York State Bar Association Supports a State Constitutional Convention 5/5 (2)

The New York State Bar Association is calling for a state Constitutional Convention, because New York “should not forfeit this rare, generational opportunity to modernize and significantly improve the Constitution that forms the foundation of state government.”

On November 7, New Yorkers will vote on whether to authorize a Constitutional Convention which, if approved, would be the state’s 10th Constitutional Convention since 1777.

At its June 17, 2017 meeting in Cooperstown, the Association’s House of Delegates voted 111 to 28 (with one member abstaining) to endorse a Constitutional Convention, or “ConCon.” A day earlier, its Executive Committee voted unanimously to support a convention.

“As an association of attorneys, we are acutely aware of the shortcomings of the state Constitution, which touches on the lives of every New Yorker. A convention would focus public attention on ways to modernize and improve the operations of state government, especially our court system,” said State Bar President Sharon Stern Gerstman of Buffalo.

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Pictured above is NYSBA constitutional committee leader Henry M.  Greenberg, Esq.   His committee’s report is available at the following link.

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