Neutron Star Merger 5/5 (2)

On August 17th, scientists in the U.S. and around the world made the first observation of a neutron star merger, based on gravitation waves detected at LICO in Washington state. Gamma waves, and the full light spectrum were also detected independently at observatories around the world!

Picture above is artist rendering.

Simulation video is below.

Read more at the source:

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NO on State Constitutional Convention, YES to Pension Forfeiture Reform, and YES to Forrest Preserve Land Bank 5/5 (1)

Final results: 78% NO and 16% YES for a Constitutional Convention. On a bright note, Prop 2  PASSED (Pension Forfeiture Reform), and Prop 3 PASSED ( Forrest Preserve Land Bank).

Of 12.5 million  registered voters 0.56 million voted YES, 2.8 million voted NO .

1/4 of registered voters participated in the constitutional convention vote in New York State.

Thanks for all that supported a Constitutional Convention, and for the majority that voted YES on Prop  2 and 3 — slow reform is better than no reform!

God bless you, New York and America!

–Ron Montesano



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End of Rule of Law in New York State? 5/5 (1)

In preparation of celebrating Constitution Day, Governor Cuomo signed into law a Sanctuary Executive Action, effectively expanding the governors power to write law, in so doing, Cuomo is accelerating the decline of Rule of Law in New York State.

See Order PDF at this link EO_#_170-NYS-Governor

or on state website

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Rockefeller Institute Leads the Way with Educational Videos on NY-2C 4/5 (1)

Shown above is Robert Bullock, Deputy Director of Operations of the Rockefeller Institute of Government.

Click here to see education videos by Rockefeller Institute on NY-2C

From the research I’ve done over the past year, the Rockefeller Institute of Government and the New York State Bar Association  provide more than enough information for New Yorkers to make an informed NY-2C Vote.

A Yes vote is likely, so we will need to use wisdom available at links above to educate fellow New Yorkers on what a constitutional convention means and how the process will move forward in 2018 and 2019.

— Ed

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Priscilla Grim of Citizens Union Explains Potential of Delegate Process 5/5 (2)

Priscilla Grim of the Citizens Union explains the potential of the delegate selection process, which can lead the way to true reform of New York State government.

Read  more at the following link


I agree with her.

I would expand Grim’s argument and state that the louder the voice opposing NY-2C (and more money disbursed to Google and other corrupters of the political process) the more need of reform of that institution.

1 in 4 dollars of state and local taxes goes to EDUCATION —  the largest item in the budget in New York state (health expenditures is a close second). That is why the education establishment is so strongly opposed to a constitutional convention.  Not the rank and file teachers, but the union and department “leaders”. The same leaders that have given New Yorkers the highest costs and least results for their pupils .

The education establishment has not maintained the framework that used to teach students civics — which is why 32% of eligible voters participated in the election of Andrew Cuomo, and at current pace LESS WILL VOTE ON THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION REFERENDUM this coming November. Democracy nor education can work without participation which is a big reason why New York State is in such a precarious cultural and economic position.


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